websites i recommend

best online downloader/convert/trim/etc
supports alot of stuff too + open source
if it isnt working, join their discord and find another instance
made by imput.net very cool devs

drag files on here to virus scan them with like 50+ antiviruses
so youll know if somethings a false-positive or really a virus

ONEKO!!!! :3 :3 :3
secret pro tip: spam click the cat

womp 3D
3d model software in the browser!!!
(it streams from a cloud server, so make sure you have good internet)
i used it to make my logo on the homepage
(click/tap that logo for a fun surprise!)

programs i recommend

search EVERYTHING on your pc (extremely fast too)
this link is to the 1.5a beta, since it has more features (eg; dark mode)

best screenshotting program

flow launcher
mac spotlight search but for windows, very customizable + plugin support

paint.net (not a website)
mspaint on steriods (good image editor but simple and light to run still)
not good for drawing, for that use krita or gimp or sum idk those are free ones

shows how big/small files are in a visual way
good for freeing up space on ur drives
if youve ever heard of windirstat, this is that but better, faster, updated, and closed source

PLEASE use 2fac on your accounts and use authy
do NOT use google authenticator

password manager, open source
you shouldnt use the same password for everything, and you should generate those passwords
dont use lasspass or 1password or any browser managers

discord mod made easy, think of betterdiscord but actually good and you dont need to manually find plugins

spotify mod, themes & plugins,  adblocker + some other premium features
(also in vencord theres a plugin called SpotifyCrack, it stops discord from pausing your spotify when sharing screen or talking for 30s)

remote connect software but good
connect to ur friends (with permission) over the internet or your own other pcs over lan
basically teamviewer but good (low latency + higher quality)

replacement for windows explorer's copying/moving files

alternative roblox launcher
allows u to change settings of stuff its cool
doesnt modify roblox's files so you wont get banned

davinci resolve
if you need a professional editor thats free and not adobe use this

if you dont need a pro editor and just want sum quick and easy to run use this

way better notepad

steelseries gg (sonar)
specifically sonar, good for audio but simple
works even if you dont use steelseries products

ill add more when i think of more